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Wednesday 19th December – First View Of Nipples!

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Well, they were rather large!
Looking at my nipples the seemed to be rather large/ tall, however I have been reliably informed that they should ‘shrink’ over time. The padding needs to stay in place, which includes a gauze, half inch thick foam square with a hole in the middle for the nipple (so it doesnt rub on clothes) and tape to hold it in place. This makes my boobs look very odd in shape so have resorted to waering very large baggy jumpers!

Saturday 15th December – Back Home

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Well I have been home now for a couple of days. I had to stay in hospital a lot longer that I thought as my drains were still draining quite a bit of fluid. I need to go back on Wednesday for my check up, so will get to see my nipples for the first time as they still have a lot of padding on them at the moment.

Sunday 9th December – Nippleville!

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Another early start to Coltishall ward. This time I am in for my nipple reconstruction and the left breast to be lifted after it had dropped and gone to the side. After only a short time of waiting in the day room, I was taken to a side room, with en-suite! Woo, get me like a superstar! I was told that I was 2nd on the list and to expect to be taken down to theatre around 11am. Sure enough, pretty much on time, I was taken down to have my surgery done. As I was drifting off the staff were talking about champagne, and I remember saying “I would have a nice cuppa with a few shortbread”

Waking up in recovery I seemed to be there for a while, but couldn’t say if this was true or not. Being taken back to to my room, I just wanted to stay asleep as felt really groggy. I still had oxygen attached and never had this before so assumed that I hadnt recovered from this one as well as the others. Mark was waiting in the room and it made me happy seeing him sat there. Mark had said I had been in recovery for a while and held my hand as soon as I was wheeled in position.

Mark stayed with me for a while before heading home to sort the animals out. It always makes me sad seeing him leaving as they are long days in hospital with not much to do. Mind you, I couldnt have been good company as I kept drifting in and out of sleep.

I half remember trying to eat a jacket potato for dinner, but only had a couple of small mouthfuls before sleeping for most of the night.

Sunday 25th November – NHBCH girly weekend get away

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This weekend was planned by a lovely lady for us BRCA+ ladies out there. The weekend was full of laughs from tile painting, cake decorating, belly dancing… and although I didnt do the zip wire had a great weekend.

It was really needed and met some of the most lovely ladies out there who I hope keep in contact in the future as I think they are just awesome!. It’s nice when you have a group of you all sharing a similar experience, you feel less alone and I feel privilaged to have been able to spend time with these wonderful people. I love you girls!!!

Wednesday 16th May – Check up on my softies

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Dont get me wrong, I loved my ‘rocks’ but they were really hard and having softer boobs is one of the best feelings in the world!

We are now a few months on since having my exchange and having a check up with my fabulous surgeon to see about the next stage. Everything goes well, and any concerns I had in my head to ask about is all discussed before I even have chance to ask – which is great as I can have total trust in my surgeon that she knows how I feel.

Wednesday 15th February – Drains are out!

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Drains are finally out, a total of 6 days – new record for me!

Monday 13th February – Discharged – woo hoo

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Yay – being discaharged, all be it with my drains! Worried like hell as I am scared that I am going to catch them on something. Way to solve that is to wear my drain bag and put my bathrobe over the top, tucking everything away – sorted.

Sunday 12th February – New Drains

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Still in hospital and my drains have been really hurting so asked the doctor on his morning rounds if everything was ok. He said it was but advised the suction had been lost on the drain bottles so would need replacing. Good job as I have been dripping fluid all over the place :)

What happens is they close the pipe part off and then add the new bottle. Once all connected they turn the suction on. You can feel the fluid being sucked out, but it doesnt hurt or anything, just feels a bit like ‘butterflies’.

Thursday 9th February – Exchange time!

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The alarm went off at 05:00 and I remember thinking “getting up this early shouldn’t be allowed unless you are heading to the airport for a holiday” In fact I was heading for the hospital to get my expander implants exchanged for my ‘proper’ implants.

We needed to get to the same day admissions for 07:00 and was told on arrival that I was 4th in the queue and should expect a wait into early afternoon. Why couldn’t they tell me this last night? I could have got a few more hours sleep in!? We waited in the room along with everyone else for what felt like an eternity, getting called through to various people for various reasons, which did help the day along a bit.

I was told I was next and after getting changed into my gown I noticed Mark was rubbing his hands together. “What are you doing?!” I asked looking at him puzzled. He pointed towards the sink to a sign on how to wash your hands. “Like this… then this… then this… and this” I began laughing and loved the fact that at any moment I would be walking to the operating theatre, but here I was laughing. I have never looked at this whole process as scary, or hassle or something that should be seen as ‘sad’ or upsetting, just something that needed to be done.

On coming round in recoverey I felt the lovely heat of the blower – I always seem to have uncontrollable shivers when I come round from general anaethetic.

I was wheeled back to my spot on the ward but whilst I remember Mark being there, I don’t really recall what we talked about. It just felt good that he was there by my side holding my hand. It had been a long day for him too, so asked him to help me get into my pj’s and sent him home. When the nurse came to check on me about 10pm, she asked if I would like anything to eat. I looked at the time and said “I don’t like eating late”. Plus the fact I didn’t have the energy to eat and was too comfy to move an inch. She replied “I think you are allowed to eat now, afterall you’ve just had surgery” This made me smile and I fell asleep.

Monday 23rd January – Life Insurance and doctors do not mix!

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I have recently applied for life insurance and due to my having the operation, the insurance company has asked for a doctors report on me. This is fine as I could request to see the doctors report and ask for it to be authorised before sending it to the insurance company – and a bloody good thing I did too!

After being told that it would take 21 days, I eventually received a call saying that the report was ready to view about 2 months after originally requested. Mark and I opened the report to see some shocking information was down on my record. According to the doctors report, it said that the reason I had the mastectomy was to remove a breast tumor. Obviously if this had been the case then it would have been fine, but to my knowledge all my tests that had been carried out had all been given the all clear. So where on earth had this information come from?!

I contacted the breast reconstruction nurse at the hospital who confirmed to me that results had definately come back as negative. So back to the doctor. I already had an appointment booked in for another reason, so whilst I was there asked why this information was on my file. He told me that it was probably down to a keying error. KEYING ERROR!?! This makes it all better then I guess.

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